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GPO Federal Credit Union Food Drive for Veterans Day

GPO Federal Credit Union is holding a food drive for Feed Our Vets Utica Pantry in honor of Veterans Day!


Please donate non-perishable food items at and GPO branch between Tuesday Nov. 1 and Friday Nov. 11


All collected food will be given to Feed Our Vets




Items in need:  Cereal, Pasta sauce, Canned fruit, Tuna, Peanut butter, Jelly, Boxed potatoes, Canned pasta, Canned ravioli, Ramen noodles, Soups, Rice-a-roni, Baked beans, Pork & beans, Pancake syrup, Pancake mix, Baking goods, Mayonnaise, Mustard, Crackers, Ketchup, Cookies, Side dishes, Fun foods


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Comets Basket Raffle Benefits Feed Our Vets

Dr. La Velle’s Dental Office in Yorkville NY is holding a Comets basket raffle to raise funds for Feed Our Vets and our programs to feed hungry veterans and their families!



Tickets $5.00 each

Call (315) 736-7822 for more information on how to get your hands on a ticket!


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Only 1500 tickets to be sold!
Drawing: Nov. 23rd

Basket includes:

  • (2015-16) autographed jersey

  • Two tickets comets/bruins on (12-21-2016)

  • (2013-14)team photo

  • (2014-15) team photo

  • (2015-16) team autographed photo

  • (2014-15) pennant

  • Bobble head (eriksson)

  • Four autographed pucks

  • Darren archibald (8xl0) autographed photo

  • Alex friesen (8×10) autographed photo

  • Warm fleece comets blanket

  • Nice comet sweat shirt

  • A paffi comet gloves

  • Two kinds of comet hats

  • Audie tee shirt and a comet tee shirt

  • Comet window decal and a comet magnet

  • Audie hockey playset and audie doll

  • Comet coffee cup and cold cup

  • Hand held led fans (go comets)

  • Comet slap bracelets

  • Rally towel (the calder cometh)

  • Audie and comet alligator pin

  • Comet and audie tattoos

Lots of fun stuff!

To purchase tickets:

Dr. La Velle’s Dental Office
165 Whitesboro Street
Yorkville, NY 13495


Check out the story on WKTV:

Track Michael Beattie’s Ride Across America for Feed Our Vets

Michael Beattie’s progress so far on his Ride Across America
Mike Beattie is home! He has completed his 12,000 miles across America by bicycle to help feed hungry Veterans! 
Watch this story from Fox61 News about Michael Beattie’s journey across America and back to help feed hungry Veterans

Michael Beattie, a 67-year-old Navy Veteran is biking across America to raise awareness and support for hungry Veterans.  So far Mike has traveled over 11,770 miles, from Storrs, CT to Delta, PA to Baltimore, MD, to Rockville, MD; Washington, DC;  Suffolk, VA; Bern, NC; Topsail, NC; Wilmington, NC; Monks Corner, SC; Stateboro, GA; Folkston, GA; Orange Beach, AL, Navisota, TX; Duncan, AZ; San Diego, CA; Santa Barbara, CA; San Simeon, CA; San Francisco, CA; through the California Redwoods, Arcata, CA; Bend, OR: Libby, MTl; Rugby, ND; Long Lake, NY; Portland, ME; and now Putnam, CT.   You go Mike!  We’ll keep everyone posted.


Michael Beattie

Michael served in the Navy from 1967 to 1971.  He is from Storrs, Connecticut, and recently sold his home so he could use the proceeds to fund a 12,000 mile bicycle trip around the US to help raise money and awareness of the hungry Veteran problem we face in this country.

This past year, after his retirement from his locksmith and  security business, Michael had the opportunity to travel around the US in a camper, and it was then that he was exposed to hungry America Veterans. He stopped at a McDonalds for a cup of coffee one day  in New Mexico.

There was a man holding a sign that read, “I’m a homeless Veteran. I want a job but no one will hire me. I am also hungry.”

Michael ordered a couple burgers, went outside, talked to the man and gave him the food. The man was moved to tears, and hugged Michael. It was then that Michael knew he had to do something about Veteran hunger.  He witnessed so many Veterans with signs begging for food  and living on the street in every State he traveled through. That’s when he started thinking what crazy kind of thing could he do to get enough attention that maybe people would donate money to help. Lots of people ride across the country to raise money, but he never heard of anyone (especially at 67) that has ridden completely around the country.

Michael estimates that the trip will take 5 months of 80-100 miles a day of riding on a bicycle, if all goes well.

He says, “This will be a great challenge for me as I have had three spinal surgeries, including steel rods and screws holding my lower back  together. I have had many major surgeries in the past eight years, and am kind of rebuilt: shoulders,arms, wrists back, neck and much more. But I am very committed to doing this and have been working on the details for over a year. One of the things I can still do physically is ride a bike, so let the games begin!   As I am self funding my trip and 100% of the money I raise will go to buy food through the Feed Our Vets organization.”

Michael plans on starting out on his journey this Spring.  We’ll keep you posted.

Donate now to support Michael Beattie’s Ride Across America for Veteran Hunger.

Through Feed Our Vets Program, Armour Gives Back to Those Who Gave So Much

Through Feed Our Vets Program, Armour Gives Back to Those Who Gave So Much

Through Feed Our Vets Program, Armour Gives Back to Those Who Gave So Much

Through a program with Feed Our Vets, Armour will donate a can of meat products to the organization for every can purchased up to 200,000 cans.

From JR Motorsports

MOORESVILLE, N.C. (June 28, 2016) – As the Independence Day holiday approaches, thoughts invariably turn to the battles and the speeches and the events that happened 240 years ago. The Boston Tea Party, Lexington and Concord, Bunker Hill…we all remember what we were taught in school.

What we tend to forget, however, is the men and women who have guaranteed our freedoms for two and a half centuries.

Rich Synek, with help from Pinnacle Foods, Inc.’s Armour brand, has not forgotten the estimated three million veterans who don’t have enough food to eat each month, or the 130,000 veterans who are homeless and hungry on any given night in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Through a program with Feed Our Vets, Armour will donate a can of meat products to the organization for every can purchased up to 200,000 cans.

Synek, a Navy veteran, founded Feed Our Vets Food Pantry in Vernon Center, N.Y. after a fateful visit from a World War II veteran. The postmaster in Vernon Center, Synek was working at the post office one day when the veteran came in to purchase a single stamp. Synek asked if he would like to buy a book of stamps, rather than just a single. The answer he received was brutal.

The man confessed that he and his wife only had enough money to eat properly two weeks out of the month, and the last few days of the month, they went without. After hearing that, Synek and his wife Michele bought groceries for the man and his wife and delivered them to their home.

Turning their thoughts outward, the Syneks realized the scope of the problem among veterans of the U.S. service branches, and they formed Feed Our Vets Food Pantry in an effort to help.

The way Feed Our Vets is set up, local food pantries are set up in cities and towns across the United States. Some of the food is purchased by Feed Our Vets, but most is donated by local food manufacturers and grocery stores. The local aspect of the program is what makes it work, Synek said.

Armour, sponsor of JRM’s No. 88 Chevrolet Camaro this weekend at Daytona International Speedway with driver Chase Elliott, joined the program as part of its community outreach efforts, and the result has been great for both sides.

Further fortifying the partnership, Feed Our Vets will be on the No. 88 Armour Chevrolet Camaro in September at Darlington (S.C.) Raceway, with Kevin Harvick behind the wheel.

Supporting this worthwhile endeavor is not expensive, Synek said. For just 16 cents a day, or $4.80 a month, you can help feed a hungry veteran and his or her family. To put it in perspective, that’s less than the cost of a single cup of specialty coffee.

Do the right thing and help support those who help keep you free. Go to and help a veteran today.

Fresh Vets Adds Fresh Vegetables, Fruits, Milk and Eggs to Feed Our Vets Pantry Distributions

Fresh milk and eggs for Veteran families

Most food pantry programs rely on “shelf stable” canned and boxed foods for their food distributions for people in need. These foods don’t require refrigeration, keep for long periods and are easier for the community to donate during food drives.

And when Feed Our Vets started, “shelf-stable” food was exclusively what our pantries distributed to Veteran families in need.

But for Feed Our Vets Executive Director, Rich Synek, this wasn’t enough. He felt that veteran families deserved the good nutrition that comes from fresh foods. So he established the “Fresh Vets” programs.

By reaching out to local grocers, dairies and farmers, and by acquiring new cold storage units, “Fresh Vets” was born, and now fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs and milk are available to the Veteran families we serve every week.

One of our new coolers to provide fresh food to Veteran families at our weekly pantry distributions.

Utica Pantry Director Joe Ancona and Feed Our Vets Co-Founder Michele Synek get ready for a weekly food distribution for Veteran families with “Fresh Vets” fresh fruits and vegetables


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